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MS 150 2010 logo, 200w

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Progress: 99%
Progress: 99%
Raised: $ 123775     Goal: $ 125643
Raise $1500 or more by August 31 and get the 2011 Bike MS Jersey!
Bike Jersey

an unforgettable ride. an unbeatable destination. a world free of MS.

Thank you for making the 2011 Bike MS Scenic Ride such a successful event! We couldn’t have done it without all of the awesome riders, volunteers and sponsors! We have not yet reached our goal of $182,000. We still need your help fundraising. You can continue to fundraise even after the event. Add pictures to your personal webpage and remind everyone WHY you picked the MS ride, let them know how difficult it was, etc.

Top fundraising jerseys:
Bike Jersey

There is still time to earn your 2011 Bike MS jersey! You may continue to fundraise until August 31, 2011. All it takes if $1500 to get yours! Don’t miss the opportunity to get one! These are only available to Top Fundraisers of $1500 and higher.

Thank you Kim Morris for capturing all of the great photos before and during the ride!
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Thanks to everyone who took pictures at the event and sent them to the MS Office! We loved looking at them all & want to share them with you!!!! Check them out on the Nebraska Chapter MS Facebook Page make sure to follow us while you’re there!

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Your thoughts and opinions can only help us make Bike MS even better for 2012! Please take a few minutes to take the 2011 SURVEY

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